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Blueberry Gin Fizz Jam

Blueberry Gin Fizz Jam

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Want a blueberry jam slightly on the radical side? Let us introduce to you our Blueberry Gin Fizz Jam. 

This jam is made entirely with Canadian wild blueberries. Plus, la dee da sauces boosted the flavour with a light tinge of lime juice and zest and finished with the bitterness of gin to create a divine spread. You'll think you're slathering an exquisite gin cocktail on your morning toast. 

For those not fond of drinking gin, don't be scared. This combo is sweet, savoury, punchy and deep. The sheer gin flavour balances the berries well and leaves a distinct taste that leaves you speechless, waiting for the next bite. You just won't find a tastier Blueberry jam than ours anywhere. 

Delight yourself in the taste of late summer and early autumn with this spread paired with your favourite toast. But it doesn't just go on toast, have it with vegan cheeses, plant-based meats, desserts, and much more! It goes pleasingly in any dish and is perfect for spicing up your charcuterie boards. 

Our Blueberry Gin Fizz Jam is the perfectly satisfying summery twist on a classic blueberry jam. Hurry up and buy yours now!


Ingredients: sugar, blueberries, Gin, pectin, concentrated lemon juice, natural flavour, citric acid, sodium citrate.

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