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Spicy Thai Cheddar Shortbread

Spicy Thai Cheddar Shortbread

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This is still the, “Chef’s Pick” after all these years! Not too hot; not too mild.

The pinch of cayenne pepper with 4-year old Canadian cheddar cheese makes this flavour the ultimate pairing with a glass of full-bodied red – and it is fab with any cold beer! This savoury shortbread has the perfect finish on your palette – with just a nice warmth of heat on the finish. Serve with goat cheese, soup – works wonders on a charcuterie board!

This sure beats the former Spicy Thai in taste!


• Net Weight - 6 oz / 170 g
• Shelf Life - 10 months

Unbleached wheat flour, Cheddar cheese, Butter, Sea salt, Cayenne pepper

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