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Spiced Apple Whiskey Jelly

Spiced Apple Whiskey Jelly

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Are you sick of eating the same toast with the typical apple jelly? Do you want to try it with a different combination? A unique mix of apple juice and blended Canadian whiskey is the perfect way to elevate your jelly game.

The Spiced Apple Whiskey Jelly isn't a sweet jammy-relishing jelly - it's a subtle mild-tasting jelly with a punch of good old-fashioned whiskey. Flavours of Concentrated Apple, Juice, Whiskey, and Spices combine to make this delectable treat! The lightly sweet spread is exceptionally versatile with only a touch of spice. 

Eating this jelly on crackers or muffins, or as a topping on toasts, waffles, and pancakes turns the ordinary to the extraordinary. It's even great glazed over veggies or meat alternatives.

Be prepared to hear plenty of praises from family and friends when they try the flavour of this preserve. The Spiced Apple Whiskey Jelly is really to die for! Get it in La Dee Da today!


Sugar, Water, Concentrated Apple, Juice, Whiskey, Pectin, Spices, Natural Flavour, Citric Acid

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