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Smoked Flour

Smoked Flour

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Essential to the kitchen, this flour produced in Estrie and smoked in our smokehouses will bring a new dimension to all your recipes. Homemade breads, fresh pasta, sauces and more!

Our smoked flour is a flour from the Eastern Townships! Filled with nutrients and minerals, this stone-ground flour from the Moulin de Promelles is the perfect base to add the smoky touch of Les As Du Fumoir.

This unique product will awaken your taste buds to discover the flavours of the grain of the Estrie terroir and the smoke of the Aces du smoker.

Our smoked flour is offered in 500g formats


Replace regular flour in your recipes with this smoked flour to add smoked flavor. Here are some examples of use:
  • Bread
  • Pizza dough
  • Fresh pasta
  • Poutine sauce
  • Béchamel sauce
  • and more.
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