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Gua Sha Facial Oil

Gua Sha Facial Oil

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Our Happy Gua Sha Facial Oil with Yuzu + Ginger + Moringa draws inspiration from traditional healing oils used in Southeast and East Asian cultures. Made in small batches with organic ingredients in Canada. 

Moringa, or more commonly known as Malunggay in the Philippines, is dubbed the ‘miracle tree’ for its powerful antioxidant properties. It helps reduce hyperpigmentation, redness, scarring and breakouts. Ginger is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Yuzu in Japan for its high Vitamin C content and is known to stimulate collagen production and skin elasticity.

Our Gua Sha Facial Oil helps to provide the glide needed to prevent pulling of the skin during Gua Sha or face rolling. It is a lightweight, fast absorbing formula.

Day: After cleansed face, use serum, moisturizer or cream, then the Gua Sha facial oil. Apply sunscreen after finishing Gua Sha or facial roller if going out.

Night: After cleansed face, apply your usual nighttime skincare products and add the Gua Sha Facial Oil last to use during Gua Sha or with facial roller. 

Use 1-2 pumps on the face except the eye area. Add more as needed. Can also be used as a regular facial oil, on the body and on nails.

Ingredients: (*denotes organic)

Jojoba* oil, Moringa* oil, Rosehip*, Vitamin E, Aloe, Yuzu* oil, Ginger* oil

Comes in a double sized 60ml glass bottle with pump top. For external use only.

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