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Creamed Wildflower Honey

Creamed Wildflower Honey

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100% local Ontario wildflower honey from the Hills of Headwaters, nestled amongst the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve - the Niagara Escarpment. Hand extracted and produced in Mulmur, Ontario, by our professional beekeeping team.

We offer a beautiful Wildflower Honey that is in synchronicity with how the bees naturally collect nectar and pollen. Our hives remain stationary, and we DO NOT participate in migratory beekeeping or pollination services. All of our hives are situated on private countryside properties - free of the use of pesticides.

We produce a unique and extraordinary product filled with all the wonderful health benefits delivered through raw, untreated, minimally processed and unpasteurized honey.

Ultra creamy, smooth on the palette, and easy to spread on toast, bread, and cheese.


100% Ontario Made with 100% Ontario Wildflower Honey

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