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Ray Woodey is a Potato Chip veteran and has worked in the potato chip industry for many years. Instead of bringing potato chips from the factory to the store he decided to have the factory in the store for the freshest Potato Chips possible. Thats when he started The Craft Chippery. He started building prototypes in his garage and eventually through hard work and determination, we have our current continuous kettle cooking machine. It is and an automated system that is compact making the freshest potato chips ever, right in the store. Ray wanted to make sure that the product was of utmost quality, the cooker was simple and efficient. He patented the cooker and it meets many vigorous certifications and safety standards. Ray Woodey’s Craft Chippery has been growing since 1994. With mall locations, grocery store locations, as well as amusement parks and restaurants. Ray Woodey’s Craft Chippery is our premium brand that allows the Craft Chippery to expand and grow in many different ways with our products specializing in the market. Ray Woodey’s Craft Chippery’s vision is to bring fresh quality chips closer to our customer. Our ability to make a variety of fresh root vegetable chips, pellet chips and a wide range of flavours right in front of our customer is very unique and compelling. Once you have tasted our fresh chips, there is no going back to factory chips!!!

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